FIABCI, the International Real Estate Federation, is a business network of real estate professionals worldwide. FIABCI provides access and opportunity for real estate professionals interested in gaining knowledge, sharing information and conducting international business with each other. With members in 65 countries, including 100 Professional Associations, 65 Academic Institutions and 3000 individual members from all professions of the real estate sector, FIABCI is the most representative organisation of the real estate industry in the world and holds special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) of the United Nations.



    Fiabci-Panamá te invita a ser parte de

    FIABCI, la Federación Internacional de Profesiones Inmobiliarias, la cual brinda acceso y oportunidades para los profesionales inmobiliarios interesados en adquirir conocimiento, compartir información y realizar negocios internacionales entre ellos. FIABCI está presente en más de 65 países.

    FIABCI es una Federación adscrita a las Naciones Unidas donde se discute y se aportan innovaciones sobre urbanismo, tendencias tecnológicas, sistemas constructivos, ética, estandarización de sistema métrico, sostenibilidad y venta inmobiliaria, entre otros.

    Esta Federación cuenta con 4 consejos: Corredores de Bienes Raíces, Desarrolladores e Inversionistas, Administración de propiedades y Expertos en diferentes disciplinas que tienen que ver con el sector inmobiliario (Arquitectos, Ingenieros, Abogados, Auditores, entre otros).

    FIABCI es propulsor del World Prix D´Excelence que es la base para nuestro Premio Mundial Inmobiliario, donde compiten los mejores proyectos inmobiliarios y nos permiten ver las nuevas tendencias.

    Adicional, del Congreso Mundial que se reúne anualmente y este año se reúne en Panamá también llevan a cabo reuniones en diferentes países y por continente que son propias de Fiabci, al igual que otras con organismos para los cuales colaboran como UN Hábitat y Mipim.

    Acobir forma parte de esta organización, como miembro principal del capítulo de Panamá como organización. Sin embargo, para poder participar más activamente en las reuniones y eventos de Fiabci al igual que tomar ventajas de sus descuentos de miembros y de la conectividad de referidos a través de sus red, es importante ser miembro regular del capítulo de Panamá.

    El capítulo de Fiabci-Panamá hoy tiene alrededor de 25 miembros y nos gustaría que HOY comiences a tener ventaja de este network internacional, además del 25% de descuento para asistir al congreso mundial que se llevará a cabo en Panamá del 21 al 26 de mayo próximo.


    The Los Angeles Times noted that many recent retirees "have been drawn to Panama by its low taxes, affordable housing, tropical climate and contemporany, bilingual entertainment." Panama has a stable government and a stable currency (pegged to the U.S. dollar since 1904). In other words, this country is the exception to the rule in Central America. As The Economist reported, in Central America " Panama has stood apart, sustained by its canal, banks, and free-trade zone." Panama is starting to get noticed by America's mainstream press: "Panama is the most beautiful retreat in the world and almost undiscovered", claimed Harper's Bazaar.


    The Panamanian Association of Brokers and Real Estate ACOBIR and the International Real Estate Federation FIABCI Panama will be hosting the 67th FIABCI World Congress from 21 to 25 May 2016. We have prepared an attractive academic program, with leader speakers in their respective areas. At the same time, we will have social activities that promote coexistence and increase friendship and brotherhood between all members and non-members of FIABCI, to participate in this important event.

    The global event will be held in Panama City, favorite tourist destination for its Canal and the unique diversity of attractions offered within a framework of security with high quality services and good treatment to visitors. In 2016 the Canal Expansion, magnum opus of great importance for the world, will open its doors and all the participants of the 67th FIABCI World Congress 2016 will have the opportunity to visit it directly. All these elements wouldn´t be complete if they didn´t conjugate the traditional Panamanian hospitality and the ability to promise wonderful days in this tiny but beautiful country that receives the world with open arms expressing the real meaning of the phrase "Panama the world´s Bridge, Heart of the Universe ".

    We are pleased to invite you to participate as a sponsor and / or assistant to the most important event in the real estate sector with the participation of more than five hundred professionals and real estate entrepreneurs from all five continents that will say present to this important business appointment in our country. Significantly, we have taken into consideration your company, since its objectives meet with the topics of interest of the sector and the purpose of the event, which also represents a great opportunity to make known your products and services to a leading segment market in a steady economic development, social and technological development, with a significant national and international coverage. We have various types of sponsorships, which we attach to this letter for your consideration.

    Katherine Shahani de Martinez



    Founding in France of CNAB (French National Federation of Property Managers)
    The organization’s first President, Pierre Colleville, entertained visions of a federation with an international reach. In doing so, he shared the ambitions of his Danish counterparts.


    CNAB national congress in Paris
    The presence of representatives from the real estate profession in North America, Belgium, and Switzerland provided a preview of the forthcoming realization of President Colleville’s hopes for an opening onto the world, in the process prompting CNAB to pursue contacts with its European counterparts.


    First official international CNAB congress hosted by Pierre Colleville in the presence of Belgian, Canadian, Swiss, Danish, British, and Dutch delegates. It was considered as the First International Congress of the Federation, although the organization was not constituted officially until 1951.


    Constitution of the International Federation of Property Managers with Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, and the United States, on the 2nd of June. Second International Congress of the Federation.


    During this period the Netherlands, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, and Canada acceeded to the Federation as full-fledged members.


    On the 21st of July, the new federation obtained consultative status on the United Nations Economic and Social Council.


    International congress in Vienna: It was this congress that adopted a new name for the organization: the Fedration Internationale des Administrateurs de Biens Conseils et Agents Immobiliers (FIABCI).


    Institution of a permanent office to the European Community.


    The decision was made at the Tel-Aviv World Congress to rename the Federation the International Real Estate Federation. This existing acronym FIABCI, however, already recognized worldwide, was kept.


    FIABCI adopted new statutes and internal regulations. The Executive Committee was renamed the Board, and the Board was renamed the General Assembly.


    Fiabci members’ activities are divided into 4 categories: Brokers, Experts, Managers and Developers.

    Managers  practice in the following fields: office buildings, condos, rental buildings, retail, industrial and assets

    Brokers covers the fields of residential, office, industrial, retail, leisure, land and farm

    Developers gather the professionals of builders, funds, financial institutions as well as promoters

    Experts is one of the largest councils, gathering architects, valuers, lawyers, engineers, surveyors, consultants, title companies and educators


    Be part of a Global Professional Network

    Join leading professional associations, academic institutions, and individuals from all sectors of the real estate industry
    With membership in over 60 countries worldwide, FIABCI members are part of the premier real estate association in the world.
    FIABCI speaks your language. FIABCI uses 5 official languages and often provides simultaneous translations to ensure member communications.

    Develop your expertise

    Participate in the World Councils to develop your knowledge and your business opportunities
    The FIABCI World Councils are organised around professional groups to facilitate sharing of knowledge and expertise and to create business opportunities

    Raise your profile

    Use the FIABCI online membership database to develop your full professional profile for public viewing.
    Members are listed in the annual FIABCI Membership Directory, distributed to all members around the world

    Attend World Class International Events

    FIABCI members have access to preferential rates for all FIABCI events worldwide which include world class professional programmes and dynamic networking opportunities

    Use FIABCI online tools

    All FIABCI members benefit from access to ProxioPro for B to B listing and networking services
    Use www.fiabci.org member only tools to reach out to FIABCI members
    Learn about upcoming events and activities in the electronic FIABCI news

    Continue your Education

    FIABCI University provides continuing education including the FIREC designation “FIABCI International Real Estate Consultant”
    FIABCI Scholarship Fund supports students in real estate
    FIABCI Professional Exchanges programme provides opportunities to gain international experience

    Be involved in International Property Programmes

    FIABCI holds consultative status at the United Nations Economic and Social Council
    Representatives from FIABCI actively participate in programmes relevant to property issues worldwide




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